Boot camp

You wanna live that great life, come join us as we show you ways to change your lifestyle. 10th/12 is the day to look forward to.


Hello everyone.

For the first time ever my fit friends and I are bringing you a boot camp close to you. Yes we want you too to join the fit club.

We will be going through some daily workout routines to quick routines for those days you can only spare a few minutes.


Its all about healthy living and fitness.

For a long time now its been all about talking about the healthy lifestyle we should all venture into but for the first time ever its gonna be practical , yes, come join me with a  few friends of mine as we share the different routines we all engage in, correct each other and even inspire others.

Get your workout gear ready, call out  that workout buddy of yours and come out as the 10th is the date to watch out for. This day will shape your life in a away you didn’t expect.

Come join us. Let’s  have fun, workout, take pictures and share few workout ideas.See you there. I can’t wait

Bring a friend.

Lopode Peris

Dating amongst millennials

We don’t know how to communicate

There isn’t much meaningful conversation amongst this generation considering most of the exchanged messages contain emoji and you gotta interpret it however best it will suit you and not necessarily the senders target especially in this age of over analyzing tiny details.

We hide behind keyboards

Take for instance a new couple, looking around you will notice they don’t time together but their online accounts show you the ‘relationship goals’ you’d wanna achieve someday. You will find the number of ‘I love yous in their online accounts exceed the number of times they have actually said it to the people they care about.

No spending time with each other

Yeah sure I know there are get together times like attending festivals which is once in like a year nevertheless during those moments a few percentage of the group would be doing any quality activity together as most of the group will be taking selfies to post for their virtual friends while others will be texting ‘friends’ they’d never meet.

We need honesty

As technology advances the more dishonest we get from lying about our locations, filtering our images to the most pleasing contrast, adding perfect backgrounds and lying to different people at ago.

Everyone is talking/f*ng /dating someone else

Not that am against dating more than a single person I actually think it’s good in a way (topic for another day) but at least let your partner know lest you risk harming yourself or others through diseases, suicides or even physical harms. In this generation, most of us are juggling conversations between partners, sending a single picture to all of them and working hard to keep the other relationship or however we tag it hidden that we end up not enjoying a single one of them

Replacements is one swipe/click/like/follow/add away.

Ever been told “I need space” only to find your ex-partner the next minute filling his/her account with the new catch? Yeah, that’s just how fast replacements is. Finding the next partner just involves turning on your phone and this increases the chances of cheating I mean different flavors are just a click away so why not?!

      Drake said:

We live in a generation of not being in love,

 And not being together

But we sure make it feel like we’re together

Because we are scared to see each other with somebody else


Do not follow your ‘potential lover’ online

You just met him/her in the streets, at the bar, at the park or any other place the Lord has set to be in your the-first-time-I-saw-you stories. You exchanged numbers and now you have been talking for a minute and you manage to find out their full names. Darling do not allow the devil to tempt you into looking up their name on social media, but let’s say you are do not follow them and I repeat just DON’T. This is why:

Instead of waiting for a call you will be waiting for a follow back on Instagram or worst a friend request on Facebook. This will suck your energy, all of it, your esteem will be played with as you will keep checking if your posts are date worthy or if your photos look good enough. Honey take it slow, you already exchanged numbers don’t freak each other out too soon.

Sometimes or most of the times after following them you won’t stop there, you end up stalking them till you find out who their high school biology teacher’s name was or worse you start doubting your ‘almost boyfriend’ by over analyzing their photos. Who is she? Why is he holding her like that? Is she his sister? That’s Malindi, I thought he said his sister lived in Nakuru? Before even going for the first date you are already doubting him and having all the wrong adjectives to describe him. If that’s not bad enough you go on the first date already knowing his best quotes, dream place to visit and his favorite meal I mean what will y’all even be talking about when you already know so much about each other?

Lastly you don’t wanna plan your future, give up evening classes or some part-time hobby to struggle being with someone based on how stable he/she looks via the digital powers. Photoshop and filters exist dear.


Learn to know people at their own time and pace and let them know you at yours too.


                                       “ I don’t wanna be your friend on Facebook

                              in case it doesn’t work out I never wanna see you again

                                               especially not on my timeline.”








Every friend I had was on the online scene looking for love and I was tempted to indulge myself in there too. On play store, I typed dating, many applications came up but on checking most of their reviews I couldn’t download them until I found Tinder – Find friends, dates, relationships and everything in between. The first review read “tinder is fun and easy to use. I’ve matched and talked to several nice girls on here…” that drew me in and the next Second I found myself installing the application.

“This will be fun” I told myself.

It wasn’t so hard since it only required a Facebook account for one to sign up. I created one and few minutes later I was uploading photos being choosy considering in that world people will first judge you by your photos, then words before they meet you if ever that happens.

cropped-onlinedatingAbout me Journalism Student. Looking for a man who can maintain a great conversation. Once in his life a man is entitled to fall in love with a black, short haired, honest, biker, pizza lover and fun girl. If you are as good as the man you think find me. I didn’t realize I could write so much about myself. Now that my profile was out there, off I was to find that man.

The first guy was ‘K.22yrs’ – I’m shy but a professional singer in the bathroom seeking a duet partner. Two photos, one his and the other of a BMW i8. Am sure that draws in ladies but I swiped left I still don’t know why but maybe I was still learning my way around.

Next was ‘Y.26yrs’ – no about, no photos, automatic left swipe

Then came ‘J.33yrs’ – From Rwanda, in between Rwanda and Nairobi occasionally Kampala. Am straight forward and honest. Looking for fun, new experiences and we’ll see where things will go. That was intriguing and I wanted to know more about this J, on the right I went.

‘C.25yrs’ followed. – Hi! Can we discuss life? Grad student (philosophy) I lift and do yoga, running is alright. I also read a lot. Marine officer. I liked him.

“you have been super liked, keep going to see by who.” A notification read. Anticipation grew. So, I can be ‘more than liked’ I can’t wait to see by whom.

I kept swiping left and right without following all the considerations and qualifications I was checking before until I found a blue star. It was ‘I.22yrs’ – hobbyist photographer, love shooting. You are here am here let’s take the risk and know each other who knows so much can happen but first, swipe right. And I did oh not for the words mostly but because he looked good.

Following him was ‘S.25yrs’ – find out. Three photos. One of him on a a race course with a bike I presumed was his since the next was him with casual clothes but with a helmet, the main photo was with him cooking.

“Jackpot” an inner voice told me so I swiped right.

‘P.31yrs’ was next. Looking for good friends, hangouts and fun. While still looking at his photos a message came in. It was from ‘S.25yrs’.

“Is your **** free tonight? I wanna rampage it. Tie and choke you, spa… (untyped words)”

I dropped my phone in shock, disgust and horror. That sounded like a terrorist or serial killer detailing what he will do to his next victim. I really should have researched about online daters before starting my account. https://datingswarm.co.uk is a place I recommend for anyone who wants to start out.

Now I don’t have a phone and might have lost a shot at knowing my future husband 😦

P.SI.25yrs’ if you ever come across this it’s me, the girl you were entitled to fall madly in love with. I just had a bad time on my first day of knowing you and i cant remember my password since I used fake account to have to know you and am sorry for that. When you find me it will be a great story for our first date, until then quit tinder and look for me am gonna be waiting for you.

      – Kacela

The way to graduation

Dennis K. Kazungu

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Being in the university is everyone’s dream. The four-year journey is filled up with a lot of stuff. Sometimes the monotonous academic routine is breaked by fun activities which gives the undergraduate an opportunity to refresh their mind. the lecture business is usually not so intense during the first academic year but keeps on increasing.

With different students in the campus, you will across all manners of sayings, behaviors and habits. In the pursuit of their respective degrees, students have coined a Swahili saying that ‘degree ni harambee’ loosely translated to a degree comes with cooperation. You will also learn and hear crazy slogans and translations of various famous abbreviations. Students especially those doing science courses will joke that the students doing Bachelor of Arts(BA) are doing Bachelor of Anything.

During the graduation day, everything goes on as planned unless the unexpected happen. It is not surprising to find a class that admitted 256 students having 112 only receiving their degrees. After graduation, the new graduands  normally are accompanied by their family and friends to have fun and celebrate their academic achievement in chosen places.

Take Of Youths In Kenya.

Koech Aldrin

Over years in Kenya especially towards election times, youths seems to be used as tools of mass destruction in that at times they end up in the cells for claims of destructing rallies. According to Onyango Collins, a political science student at the Nairobi University, the main cause of this is unemployment whereby youths have no other sources of income and can accept even a minimal amount given to them to destruct rallies and cause chaos.

It is high time for the Kenyan youths to be independent minded especially during the period whereby Kenya is headed towards the 2017 general election and open their minds not to be lied to in order to prove wrong the take already imposed on them.


Vote Wisely!

Koech Aldrin

poster-finalViolence is as a result of many issues. selection or rather election of leaders who do not lead in a manner expected by the citizens is one of them. Leaders who do not care for the public’s interests and rather concerned about themselves.

Over the past general elections in Kenya, violence have been a factor that have caused many citizens not to feel at home. During these elections, many flee away to seek refuge and security elsewhere yet there is the constitution that provides for everybody who is a Kenyan citizen to enjoy the stay anywhere in the country. Violence makes other people feel that there are those who own the country other than them.

This can only be changed if every Kenyan be it a man or a woman, youth or old, turns out in the 2017 general election and says NO to violence by voting wisely.


USA’s Ironical Elections

Koech Aldrin

United States of America on November decided on who to take the top most precious seat in the world to become the 45th President of the super-power; an election that was termed by most of the world’s leaders as ironical.

Earlier, polls had it that the Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton was far much ahead of her Republican Counterpart but Tuesday November 8th proved the polls wrong by the announcing of the estate mogul Donald J Trump as the 45th US president. This situation has brought unrest among the many Hillary’s supporters across America not forgetting the foreigners residing illegally in the US which the newly elected president Donald Trump strongly condemn.

US beneficiaries also are not an exception as over his campaigns, Trump strongly stood on the point of cutting off some aids across the world as a way of reviving and further improving the US’s economy.

Over his campaign period, Donald J Trump strongly stood as the People’s president and promised to rule in favor of all the Americans despite his commanding nature and looks strongly criticized by many. His promise to defeat ISIS over the campaign period was brought to record on November after his election as he strongly believed that he will beat his counterpart and protect the sovereignty of the United States.

His victory on the  November 8th posted a challenge to the rest of the world and passed a great irony to many leaders who were prepared to welcome Mrs 45th US President; Hillary Clinton.