No Oven Doesn’t Mean No Pizza

Rose N Stegall.

Baking Pizza on a Jiko

How many are craving for pizza and dying to make their own but just don’t have an oven? Well, here’s a solution .Above is an illustrated image with labeling that represents one alternative way of baking pizza.
This is one of the most convenient ways of baking your pizza without having to worry about abrupt power cuts, increased power bills at the end of the month or even your gas running out in the middle of your baking. When opting to use this method, it is important for you to note that the charcoal being used has to be glowing and not flaming. This reduces the chance of the crust burning since the baking tray is directly exposed to the hot charcoal below in the jiko. The charcoal placed below the tray is usually less than the one being placed on top of the inverted sufuria. Another thing to note is that, the jiko door is shut to prevent quick combustion and the hot charcoal should be evenly spread both on top and below for even baking.
This is a clear example of the saying “Necessity is the mother of invention”.



Author: translyfe

This is a blog of friendly students; Kazungu Aldrin,Lopode , caroline and stegall covering different aspects of life. Hope you enjoy.

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