Almost relationships suck

 I was just beginning to know him, we had lunch once (just junk though) and it was amazing. I felt totally connected to him, you know, ‘the chemistry’, ‘when you know you know’, ‘the sparks’ all that kinda stuff that goes on when the heart overpowers the mind but then the worst happened, out of nowhere he stopped picking up my calls, he stopped replying my messages although I could see the blue ticks (still weighing the importance of this). He just vanished into thin air. kalash, kaboom, I really don’t know the sound to describe how people you care about just disappear.

Dear ex, (oh you are an ex to me, not really an ex-boyfriend but just ex something) your departure hurt so much, it left me with so many questions. Did I eat too loudly? did I do something? is my accent horrible? did you lie about being single? do you still think about me?

I remember the first time you said you loved me, I didn’t reply right away because I had to figure out exactly where we were and when I finally revealed how I felt to you, for me you truly meant something to me and I wanted us to stay that way just to be disappointed knowing I didn’t really mean that much to you.

Funny how we had followed each other online and had synced our activities expecting to experience so much together. Now every time I see you on my timeline it hurts a little more and I know I should unfollow you already but that’s all am left to hold onto and unfollowing you will mean I completely give up on you which won’t be happening anytime soon.

My pride won’t let me text you anymore but whenever you text me I will Surely respond. 

I miss you ex-something.

                                                                                          Your almost girlfriend 

                                                                                                                      -Kacela Lopode



Author: Lopode Peris

Lopode is young writer. Welcome to her world. ENJOY!!!

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