Mother tongue embrace.

Caroline G Muriuki.


Mother tongue is the language one is taught growing up by their parents .for some they are taught by society.A close look at your friends circle you will realize that most people do not know their native language.Many can not even make up a story based on their native languages.

Many people have invested a lot on other languages.Nowadays parents are investing a lot on schools that teach other languages  e.g  Chinese schools or German schools.Not so many parents will embrace their mother tongues thus their kids will take up a similar habit.Its sad for the new generation to ignore the existence of their native languages.

lets all embrace the mother tongues that we have.If given a chance speak it.It has many privileges than ever before .With the rise of many vernacular stations you might secure a job that you never thought of .Lets learn to embrace our native languages.Like the swahili proverb says “mwacha mila ni mtumwa” ,why be a slave rather than be a king in your mother language.

*Reign in your mother tongue*



Author: translyfe

This is a blog of friendly students; Kazungu Aldrin,Lopode , caroline and stegall covering different aspects of life. Hope you enjoy.

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