Multimedia university of kenya 3rd graduation ceremony.

Kubai Cyprian

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.it was held on 14th October

.everything in the ground was entertaining

.administration police band played different flutes

This was held on Friday, 14th 2016 at MMU graduation grounds main campus-Magadi road starting at 9:00 a.m. where the event was fully entertained by different entertainers.
Multimedia university choir entertained the ceremony followed by the Administration Police Band.
The police band made sure that everybody in the ceremony was fully entertained where they used musical instruments to play different songs. They used trumpet, drums, saxophone among other music instruments which had sweet flutes to the ears of everyone who was in the event. Some of the songs that they played with this instrument were: kwetu pazuri and other gospel music with sweet melodies and messages to encourage the graduates and motivate them as well.

Everything in the graduation ground was much entertaining where by after every congratulations gratitude from all the guest speakers; music was herd played by the instrumental controllers or rather the DJ as they may be called.


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