Gospel Music Industry In Kenya Today


Kubai Cyprian

.Gospel in Kenya has been picking daily

.Legend artist had more content

.Gospel has more funs in Kenya

Kenyan gospel music has been picking up over years since early 2000’s when artist such as Ruftone, Kaberere and Maximum Melodies started coming up with new styles of singing that could attract young people to listen gospel music. They really did it well where Ruftone released Mwikulu single song and it really did well.

Until Kaberere featuring Mr. Vee released a song: fundi wa mbao; then this brought in discussions everywhere. Some people argued that this was not a gospel since this artist’s referred to Jesus as FUNDI WA MBAO meaning a carpenter, while in the bible Jesus was not a carpenter but His father Joseph was the one who was a carpenter. It never ended there since of late Kevin Kioko known as Bahati released a song “lover” which also brought discussions in the media.

Caption: Maximum Melodies

Many people felt that Bahati calling God lover in his song was not appropriate. These making them conclude that the gospel artist today are basing mostly on money rather than the God they talk about.

Caption: Kaberere

Author: translyfe

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