Coastal Yummies


Rose N Stegall

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There are a lot of things that come to mind at the mention of the word Mombasa; the beach, heat, accent and so much more. Coastal food is one of the most interesting things that completes ones coastal experience. Most of these meals have been perfected by people over time which has become what we enjoy today.  For you to experience these dishes in their true essence, streets win.
Viazi Karai is one of the popular foods you should taste. As the name suggests, it is actually potatoes in colored wheat flour which are fried in a deep pan known as karai.
Biriani/Biryani. An Indian food turned Kenyan coastal food has a lot of fame, having its special day to eat it. Most cafes in Mombasa would stick printed papers indicating Friday special Biriani with free banana. Its many spices make it what it is and the explosion of flavors in your mouth is just magical.
Muhogo wa Nazi reminds me of my Mother’s own. Nazi is a Swahili word for Coconut and Muhogo is for Cassava/Tapioca. Cooking with coconut milk and cream is common in the Coast. This gives your food the creamy taste. And the aroma is just awesome.
Achari. Munching these is so much fun. The sour and sweet taste is enjoyable. These are mangoes cut into thin strips and are dried. They are then colored, sweetened flavored and then packed in different sizes.



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