Walking for health

Hey there.

Welcome back to my blog.Lets talk walking for health. Yeah walking to keep fit and keep a few diseases at bay.

Walking is simple, free and one of the easiest ways to get more active, lose weight and become healthier.It’s underrated as a form of exercise, but walking is ideal for people of all ages and fitness levels who want to be more active.Regular walking has been shown to reduce the risk of chronic illnesses, such as heart disease.

Before you start

Any shoes or trainers that are comfortable, provide adequate support and don’t cause blisters will do.Wear comfortable clothing that allows you to move freely. If you’re walking to work, you could wear your usual work clothes with a comfy pair of shoes and change shoes when you get to work.For long walks, you may want to take some water, healthy snacks, a sunscreen and a sun hat in a small backpack.

Starting out

Start slowly and try to build your walking regime gradually. To get the health benefits from walking, it needs to be of moderate-intensity activity . In other words, it needs to be faster than a stroll.

Add variety to your walks. You don’t have to travel to ‘Shags’ to find a rewarding walk. If you are in school, take a walk around the playing grounds, go to that nature park you only hear about and do the walking, take a walk around town, it doesn’t need to be fancy, hell walking isn’t fancy but for you to be healthy you gotta do it somehow. Okay lets start today. I too will.

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Goodluck on your healthy living.




Author: Lopode Peris

Lopode is young writer. Welcome to her world. ENJOY!!!

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