Karate journey

Hello everyone.Welcome back.

Today we are talking Karate.So lets jump right into it. Few people grow up with martial arts as one of their first activities. But it is not only a great activity that keeps participants physically active,it also instills a sense of achievement and ethics, as you work your way up to earning a black belt. But even if you have no previous experience in martial arts, it is still a great activity to pick up even as an adult. I talked to Robert(more of an expert in the field) and got few reasons that now an gonna enroll in one class again( I am a green belt).

Peris: Why did you join karate?

Robert: For self defense and to be fit

P:What rank are you?

R: I am a yellow belt.

P:What are the benefits of karate?

R:Improves your self defense skills, makes one more fit, improves health and raises level of energy, focus and concentration.

p:what is your advice to persons who aspire to join karate?

R:Join karate to improve your lifestlye, self esteem and strengthen confidence.

Now go ahead and enroll to that class. Karate is all about discipline and the top discipline is showing up for the first class.


Lopode Peris


Author: Lopode Peris

Lopode is young writer. Welcome to her world. ENJOY!!!

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