Tamarind Juice

Rose N Stegall

Did you know you could make a quick refreshment out of simple ingredients such as tamarind fruit? It is a sour fruit that resembles dates but is slightly smaller and of course sour(like i hinted before). This  is one of my favorite drinks in its natural or rather freshest way but has been improved in many ways like adding artificial fruit flavors and food coloring .Today i would love to share with you a simple way you could make tamarind juice for yourself without much effort and of course simple ingredients. Besides the taste and appearance, it has health benefits too.The health benefits of tamarind have been well-studied and include; the ability to reduce inflammation throughout the body, improve eye health, boost respiratory health, heal skin conditions, improve the digestive system, relieve pain, increase the strength of the immune system, reduce fever, lower cholesterol to improve cardiovascular health, treat piles, prevent cancer, and even protect children against parasites and worms. Above is the video on how to make Tamarind Juice.


Author: translyfe

This is a blog of friendly students; Kazungu Aldrin,Lopode , caroline and stegall covering different aspects of life. Hope you enjoy.

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