December Dedication Edition Show

Kubai Cyprian

December Dedication Edition

.Its a December dedication edition show to pray for the holiday

.It will include gospel artist and church ministers

.Entrance is free and everybody is invited

December is the holiday with many ceremonies and everywhere in the world families, friends and other people meet to enjoy together. Some Christians meet to celebrate the birth of Jesus.

However, many people have a bad thinking about this holiday where they view it as holiday with many accidents followed with deaths and all bad things happening during this holiday. This is a myth that always make many to be uncomfortable with December holiday.

We therefore have a big show to dedicate this 2016 December to God which will be held at Ongata Rongai at Everlasting church center on  Saturday 3rd Dec 2016 at 2pm. Theme: Mathew 25:13; “Therefore for you know neither the day nor the hour in which the son of man is coming.”

This function will include praying and dedicating our December holiday to God, worshiping and praising will also be done where we will have artist guest including Ruftone, L-Jay maasai, Hopekid, Bahati, Prince Bravo among other invited Gospel artist.

The entrance is free and your presence will be highly appreciated.



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