Photographers’ Experience

Kubai Cyprian


. Photography is a good career that has a lot of fun

. Photography is a professional career that people make money out of it

. Like all other jobs being a photographer there are challenges


What is your name?

Am Bill Owiti a student at Multimedia University and am a photographer

Tell us about your experience as a photographer.

Its a career with a lot of fun but has challenges where mostly ladies see me carrying a camera and think i have a lot of money therefore expecting me to buy may be lunch and other expensive things for them.

How can people find you?

Find me on Facebook as Bill Owiti, on twitter @bill owiti and Instagram bill owiti.

Photographers are great people who play a big role in our society but many people seem not to recognize them. Others never take photography as a serious career or rather ignores it.

Bill explains that photography is a paying career just like any other career does where your pay is determined by your effort. This means it has no limitation since you can make a huge amount of money within hours. Generally it’s an enjoyable career to carry with a lot of fun.



Author: translyfe

This is a blog of friendly students; Kazungu Aldrin,Lopode , caroline and stegall covering different aspects of life. Hope you enjoy.

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