Expectations after studies

Dennis K. Kazungu


It is every undergraduate’s expectation to get employed in the field they studied for once the graduate from the university.

Eric Mbaruk, a Diploma in Journalism student at Zetech University College talks to me about about his anticipations once he is done with his studies.

“I expect to get employed in the media industry just like any other graduate would do”. Many students are often optimistic about getting employment in the job market. This forces me to enquire from Mbaruk about how he views his probability of getting into the market soon after his graduation. “It won’t be easy but I believe i have the credentials to be put into considerations by media houses employers”.

He goes on to agree that the field has witnessed recent laying off of workers like the recent retrenchment of journalists by Royal Media Services. “There many challenges. We recently had journalists retrenched from Citizen”

Mbaruk completes the interview with me by telling saying that what he fears most i to be fired.”If there is something I fear most, it is to be fired”.


Author: translyfe

This is a blog of friendly students; Kazungu Aldrin,Lopode , caroline and stegall covering different aspects of life. Hope you enjoy.

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