You want my nudes, am gonna send you lots and lots of them. Do you want me in lace undies or all bare. I guess you’ll choose bare knowing you as I do now. Do you want me lying on the bed or standing upright?

Am gonna send you everything. Am going to lay down my whole soul to you. Honey at this point I don’t care, am gonna be so bare for you, so real, so naked.

Am gonna show you my arms, I will explain every tiny cut I have, you will have to know what, when, where or even who pushed me to every scar limit I have.

You will have to see deep in my soul, you will know how many times I’ve cried myself to bed and for what reasons, you will have to know all my pillow goes through at the weirdest times of the night when I can’t sleep.


source: pinterest

You say you want it all,am gonna give it all as you watch me do it, I might break down in the process but that’s fine, am strong enough to open up to you, so welcome to my world of nudes, see every angle you want, ask for all the positions, am gonna go step by step removing every bit of clothing covering my soul till my deepest darkest part.

So do I send nudes? Of course honey I do. But for how long will you want them?  How many do you want? For how long until you share them to everyone on social media leading me back to the start, leaving me worse than when you first asked for them?  Will you even trust me back to send me your nudes?  Will you let me in to see all of them plastered on your inner walls?  Will you believe its mine and not Photoshoped?

Are you sure you are ready for my nudes though?


December Dedication Edition Show

Kubai Cyprian

December Dedication Edition

.Its a December dedication edition show to pray for the holiday

.It will include gospel artist and church ministers

.Entrance is free and everybody is invited

December is the holiday with many ceremonies and everywhere in the world families, friends and other people meet to enjoy together. Some Christians meet to celebrate the birth of Jesus.

However, many people have a bad thinking about this holiday where they view it as holiday with many accidents followed with deaths and all bad things happening during this holiday. This is a myth that always make many to be uncomfortable with December holiday.

We therefore have a big show to dedicate this 2016 December to God which will be held at Ongata Rongai at Everlasting church center on  Saturday 3rd Dec 2016 at 2pm. Theme: Mathew 25:13; “Therefore for you know neither the day nor the hour in which the son of man is coming.”

This function will include praying and dedicating our December holiday to God, worshiping and praising will also be done where we will have artist guest including Ruftone, L-Jay maasai, Hopekid, Bahati, Prince Bravo among other invited Gospel artist.

The entrance is free and your presence will be highly appreciated.


Photographers’ Experience

Kubai Cyprian


. Photography is a good career that has a lot of fun

. Photography is a professional career that people make money out of it

. Like all other jobs being a photographer there are challenges


What is your name?

Am Bill Owiti a student at Multimedia University and am a photographer

Tell us about your experience as a photographer.

Its a career with a lot of fun but has challenges where mostly ladies see me carrying a camera and think i have a lot of money therefore expecting me to buy may be lunch and other expensive things for them.

How can people find you?

Find me on Facebook as Bill Owiti, on twitter @bill owiti and Instagram bill owiti.

Photographers are great people who play a big role in our society but many people seem not to recognize them. Others never take photography as a serious career or rather ignores it.

Bill explains that photography is a paying career just like any other career does where your pay is determined by your effort. This means it has no limitation since you can make a huge amount of money within hours. Generally it’s an enjoyable career to carry with a lot of fun.


What Did He Mean? ‘Kipenzi’

Kubai Cyprian

.The artist seems to be much passionate with his work as an artist

.He is a student at multimedia university of Kenya pursuing a degree course in journalism

.He promises that the next project that he is into will be a big thing since he believes he has enough experience of doing music

Kipenzi is a Swahili meaning somebody, something or anything that a person loves. The latest song from Prince Bravo kipenzi is a gospel song which explains inner feelings love from God. In the song the artist is using a rhyme style to tell the emotions towards how he loves God and how God loves him.
In the first stanza he starts by opening his heart to sing for his loving God where he adds that He saved him free from sins because of love, as He give the only son to die in the cross for the forgiveness. God loves him too and he desires to be with Him always so that to guide and give him security from the world and the enemies.
Its the first video and a prayer explaining love of God.

Find him on Facebook: PrinceBravo Muziq                                      Twitter: @Bravo-muziq                                                                      Instagram: PrinceBravo Muziq

Gospel Music Industry In Kenya Today


Kubai Cyprian

.Gospel in Kenya has been picking daily

.Legend artist had more content

.Gospel has more funs in Kenya

Kenyan gospel music has been picking up over years since early 2000’s when artist such as Ruftone, Kaberere and Maximum Melodies started coming up with new styles of singing that could attract young people to listen gospel music. They really did it well where Ruftone released Mwikulu single song and it really did well.

Until Kaberere featuring Mr. Vee released a song: fundi wa mbao; then this brought in discussions everywhere. Some people argued that this was not a gospel since this artist’s referred to Jesus as FUNDI WA MBAO meaning a carpenter, while in the bible Jesus was not a carpenter but His father Joseph was the one who was a carpenter. It never ended there since of late Kevin Kioko known as Bahati released a song “lover” which also brought discussions in the media.

Caption: Maximum Melodies

Many people felt that Bahati calling God lover in his song was not appropriate. These making them conclude that the gospel artist today are basing mostly on money rather than the God they talk about.

Caption: Kaberere

Multimedia university of kenya 3rd graduation ceremony.

Kubai Cyprian

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.it was held on 14th October

.everything in the ground was entertaining

.administration police band played different flutes

This was held on Friday, 14th 2016 at MMU graduation grounds main campus-Magadi road starting at 9:00 a.m. where the event was fully entertained by different entertainers.
Multimedia university choir entertained the ceremony followed by the Administration Police Band.
The police band made sure that everybody in the ceremony was fully entertained where they used musical instruments to play different songs. They used trumpet, drums, saxophone among other music instruments which had sweet flutes to the ears of everyone who was in the event. Some of the songs that they played with this instrument were: kwetu pazuri and other gospel music with sweet melodies and messages to encourage the graduates and motivate them as well.

Everything in the graduation ground was much entertaining where by after every congratulations gratitude from all the guest speakers; music was herd played by the instrumental controllers or rather the DJ as they may be called.