Take Of Youths In Kenya.

Koech Aldrin

Over years in Kenya especially towards election times, youths seems to be used as tools of mass destruction in that at times they end up in the cells for claims of destructing rallies. According to Onyango Collins, a political science student at the Nairobi University, the main cause of this is unemployment whereby youths have no other sources of income and can accept even a minimal amount given to them to destruct rallies and cause chaos.

It is high time for the Kenyan youths to be independent minded especially during the period whereby Kenya is headed towards the 2017 general election and open their minds not to be lied to in order to prove wrong the take already imposed on them.



Vote Wisely!

Koech Aldrin

poster-finalViolence is as a result of many issues. selection or rather election of leaders who do not lead in a manner expected by the citizens is one of them. Leaders who do not care for the public’s interests and rather concerned about themselves.

Over the past general elections in Kenya, violence have been a factor that have caused many citizens not to feel at home. During these elections, many flee away to seek refuge and security elsewhere yet there is the constitution that provides for everybody who is a Kenyan citizen to enjoy the stay anywhere in the country. Violence makes other people feel that there are those who own the country other than them.

This can only be changed if every Kenyan be it a man or a woman, youth or old, turns out in the 2017 general election and says NO to violence by voting wisely.


USA’s Ironical Elections

Koech Aldrin

United States of America on November decided on who to take the top most precious seat in the world to become the 45th President of the super-power; an election that was termed by most of the world’s leaders as ironical.

Earlier, polls had it that the Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton was far much ahead of her Republican Counterpart but Tuesday November 8th proved the polls wrong by the announcing of the estate mogul Donald J Trump as the 45th US president. This situation has brought unrest among the many Hillary’s supporters across America not forgetting the foreigners residing illegally in the US which the newly elected president Donald Trump strongly condemn.

US beneficiaries also are not an exception as over his campaigns, Trump strongly stood on the point of cutting off some aids across the world as a way of reviving and further improving the US’s economy.

Over his campaign period, Donald J Trump strongly stood as the People’s president and promised to rule in favor of all the Americans despite his commanding nature and looks strongly criticized by many. His promise to defeat ISIS over the campaign period was brought to record on November after his election as he strongly believed that he will beat his counterpart and protect the sovereignty of the United States.

His victory on the  November 8th posted a challenge to the rest of the world and passed a great irony to many leaders who were prepared to welcome Mrs 45th US President; Hillary Clinton.

Position Of Youths In Kenya

Koech Aldrin

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Youths being the energetic stage in Kenya are prone to many issues and misfortunes that put their lives at risk. The 2007 – 2008 post-election violence which saw many people dead and others displaced as a result of violence spearheaded by the ‘rigging of votes’ saw a number of youths participating in the act. The question that still runs in the minds of many is why a large portion of youths participated in the bloody act!

The trend in Kenya is that towards election time, some politicians use the youths to cause disruptions in some political rallies, ululate along the streets chanting names of the ‘politician’ and even perform some destructive acts against the opponent. This is a great challenge that the youths in Kenya where politics is the order of the day faces. Politicians who are thought to be the leaders who should condemn the act are the ones facilitating it. Whereas in some other countries the youths are considered productive and their rights respected, in Kenya, youths are used especially by the politicians as ‘tools of mass destruction!’ The question is, when will this stop?

Kenya’s 2017 Race

Koech Aldrin

A symbol of the Jubilee Alliance Party. Political parties in Kenya use every means to snatch the 2017 general elections top seats
A symbol of the Jubilee Alliance Party. Political parties in Kenya use every means to snatch the 2017 general elections top seats.

And finally the race to 2017 general election in Kenya has smelled. Over the past years, the trend is that towards general elections there are lots of manipulations ranging from the manipulation of citizens to the manipulation of politicians themselves to belong to a particular party in order to win the hearts of ‘their people’. This is evident mostly at a time like this whereby politicians and mostly the Members of Parliament (MPs) have sleepless nights trying to ‘suit the system’.

September 10th 2016 marked the day for a one talk among the parties that formed the jubilee party. The merger to form JAP (Jubilee Alliance Party) at the Kasarani gymnasium left many politicians and the Kenyan citizens mesmerized of the unity the party officials portrayed by coming together. All this is targeted at retaining the positions at the 2017 general elections.

However, the opposition; CORD is of great resistance to the merger claiming that even though the government is poaching some of its

CORD leader Raila Odinga addressing a crowd in Nairobi Kenya. politics is the order of the day in most parts of the country
CORD leader Raila Odinga addressing a crowd in Nairobi Kenya. politics is the order of the day in most parts of the country.

members enticing them with money and positions in the government, they’ll fight to the end to liberate this nation’ Kenya from ‘corruption’ and bad representation.



The Aftermath Of Independence In Africa.

Aldrin Koech

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Thirst for power became a day-to-day song in the minds of many African leaders after independence. Politics being the order of the day, with many senior and ‘amateur’ politicians rising to power day-in- day-out; political scholars have it that “power is a tool to inherit the minds of the voiceless in the society” something that depicts the exact face of most of the African leaders. South is nothing compared to the north! Nowhere to run to for you to embrace the independence and the privileges that came as a result because politics have corrupted it all and switched the minds of the people thought to bring sanity to fellow ‘black-skinned’; turning every dawn to a call and a cry of justice and good representation from the meek.

Attaining independence in Africa have led to the rise of mighty so called ‘kings of the jungle’ that eventually turned against the flock and brought about the Hobbesian state to their kingdoms and nations, developing a sense of mistrust and raising up tyrannical alarms to the ears of the poor Africans who once praised them as their saviors from the colonial master.