The Boss (part 1)

Frankie couldn’t wait to reach at his house. They had agreed that morning that she would go there straight after finishing with her Sunday service. Following the location he sent her few minutes passed and she was at the gate.

“Am here. Where next?” She said into her mobile phone.

“I can see you. Come straight up I’ll be waiting by the door way. You’ll see me.” The voice answered.

Walking slowly through the stair wall she reached house 10D and he was at the door as he had said. They embraced for a few minutes neither of them wanting to let go.He had only a robe on and she could feel his manhood growing pushing against the robe.

“You smell so nice yet you are naked.”

“Ha ha, I have this on” he said gesturing to the robe. 

“Am sorry” she said curtly burrying her face into her hands. 

“Come on take a seat anywhere you want to” ushering her into the living room. 

“So how have you been its been a minute.”

“Great, I travelled a lot in this short vacation I had. You should give me more of that. ” 

“We’ll see about that.”

“Forgive my manners.What do you want to drink? I have water, milk and some soft drink.”

“Water will do just fine.” 

He disappeared into the next room and she presumed that to be the kitchen. She stared at the ceiling thinking if it can figure out what she’s thinking and expecting. Her parents brought her up well and if they even had a hint that she was seeing his boss who was not only his senior but also so many years apart from what they expected, they will be mortified, but she didn’t think of this much as most of what was on her mind was what she felt at the door, their previous conversations and what she wanted most, feeling him. First day at work with Nancy her coworker who was giving her a tour around the place, she warned her of seeing The boss claiming he is a womanizer and leaves after sighting a new younger female at work, not the best option. But this attracted her more, she liked challenges and proving herself. The next few weeks at work she spent most of it not balancing sheets but rather creating ways for the boss to notice her. She even camped at his corridor once what a sorcerer 🙂

Footsteps approaching drew her from her thoughts and she smiled at this man who has been the centre of her thoughts for a while now. “Here you go”

“Thanks” she said picking the glass of water. 

“What were you thinking about, you seemed really busy building something in your mind Miss. Toll” He liked calling people by their second name to remind them he still had all the powers.

“Work mostly’ she lied.

” C’mon relax a little bit. Its your free day, we’ll worry about that tomorrow. ”

“Okay sir” 

“Please, don’t call me that here, you seem so official.’

” am sorry” she said. 

“Can I get you something, a T-shirt or a robe too? Maybe that will loosen you up a bit. Or let me just check what I have.” 

He disappeared again.

Few minutes passed and he was back with a white cotton T-shirt.

“Go on Darling, be free.”

That name took her by a surprise. She didn’t expect this from him. Or was he just saying that to let her remove her clothes? She wondered. Either way it was working so well for her. She removed her tight White dress and set it by the couch’s hand. She then picked the T-shirt but saw him looking at her matching underwear and knew it meant she remove them but she ignored this and still went on to wear the T-shirt on top of them. She took a seat and looked at him. He seemed impressed seeing her body, after all, the curves were visible even with her clothes on but without she looked magical, his eyes seemed to say.

“Come sit next to me, am gonna be cold soon, you just made me remove my dress”

“With all pleasure my Darling.” There was that name a gain this time sounding so sincere. 

He sat next to her and drew her to his chest covering her legs with the extra robe.

“I hope that’s better.”

“This is perfect.” She replied. “I’ve wanted this for so long I must confess, from the day I first started working in your company.

“Why didn’t you say something. You should have.”

“I tried a few times in my head but failed when I saw you. Being away made it easier…