Boot camp

You wanna live that great life, come join us as we show you ways to change your lifestyle. 10th/12 is the day to look forward to.


Hello everyone.

For the first time ever my fit friends and I are bringing you a boot camp close to you. Yes we want you too to join the fit club.

We will be going through some daily workout routines to quick routines for those days you can only spare a few minutes.


Its all about healthy living and fitness.

For a long time now its been all about talking about the healthy lifestyle we should all venture into but for the first time ever its gonna be practical , yes, come join me with a  few friends of mine as we share the different routines we all engage in, correct each other and even inspire others.

Get your workout gear ready, call out  that workout buddy of yours and come out as the 10th is the date to watch out for. This day will shape your life in a away you didn’t expect.

Come join us. Let’s  have fun, workout, take pictures and share few workout ideas.See you there. I can’t wait

Bring a friend.

Lopode Peris

The loving ex.

Okay, first things first, we ain’t back together 😉

I just needed to clear that before I get roasted by my friends for going back when I swore on everything I liked I would *never ever ever* go back. A lil bit extreme I know, I mean, we should never say never right?!

Anyway am getting some nice vibes lately, I kinda like this new relationship 😉 I get calls, gifts, sweet reminders and all. Damn it’s nice over here.

I don’t know if it’s me alone or any of y’all get those vibes after y’all breakup? Like you break up after a big aßs fight or just the disagreeing to agree, whatever means, stay mad, then get back slowly with the *hi* *how have you been doing?* Those silly texts you try to use pretending you don’t feel hurt anymore but things slowly grow, you go from talking once in weeks to almost every day. You ain’t really sharing the mushy mushy feelings but just the general talks but with all the benefits of being a girlfriend?

Okay, this is me now, and I swear it’s amazing, it feels great, it’s really good knowing they still think about you, there’s a part of me that’s touched knowing he hasn’t completely moved on or found a replacement that fast, or so I think.

Lemme get back to my loving ex, I can see he’s video calling, whoop whoop 🙈🙈🙈

Okay I need to wake up now😁😁😁

Reminder to self, it was this good before but it ended, be careful darling. One step at a time.

Tenda wema nenda zako is bs

Hello guys, hope y’all are great and have all these holidays positivity going around because I need me some of that.

I believe in doing good, Sharing, being kind and generous but at what point exactly is it too much? At what point do we have to hold up, step back and analyse our good deeds? I’ll tell you when. When you are starving because you gave all the food away, when your kids can’t go through school because you spent all your money on that needy relative you don’t talk to anymore.

I stand to be corrected but this saying is just there to milk you dry all for the promise of what, good feeling? I don’t really get the reward part, oh wait, we are taught to ignore the rewards to ourselves when doing good and focus on the satisfaction of others. I believe in doing good, respecting others, treating others with kindness all but not to the point you have nothing else to give to yourself.

Oh, sorry I have bad energy in this festive time but am really done with seeing people going through crap they can’t fix because they gave a lil too much before, or hearing complains of we schooled them but they don’t even care about us anymore.

Maybe I’ll change my perspective when I have a kid of my own( because I’ll over share with him/her) but that, I don’t think will make me feel like I am now. Until then please send me some positive vibes because am not getting any 😉

Talk to y’all soon



After breakup

So my boyfriend or rather ex (I’ve never used that before in reference to him) broke up sometime back and through my stages of getting over him( which included, blocking him, deleting his number, blocking him on all social media, unblocking him, stalking on social media, blocking again et al) I later had a sit down with myself, literally and jot down things that helped me not be hurt as much and this is what I wanna share with you guys:

Avoiding their social media

As much as I wanted closure or so I told myself, social media wasn’t the best place because I actually got hurt more when finding out things I never saw before, so in case of a next time( one I never wish for) that’s a no go zone.

Don’t look for faults in your life.

Am actually glad I didn’t go this route coz straight up it’s terrible. I actually was watching some local program and funny enough the topic was moving on, not really from relationships but work related stuff, so yeah I took this advice and it really helped me big time.

Avoid the locals.

We used to hangout at some local place and even passing around the place brought memories, so I tried so hard not to pass or go there. It worked magic not so fast but it still did help a lot.

Take a break.

I know y’all spent years (I did 3 years +) and if it didn’t end so badly you might be tempted to reach out, know how each other is doing or whatever excuse you’d use to console yourself, but this is the worst move ever, or at least it was to me. So you just broke up, one has moved on maybe and you go reviewing all the sweet memories, honey lemme be straight, baaaad idea, pull out fast, back up, retreat coz this is straight up a road to downtown being hurt all over again.

Anyway if anyone is going through this confusing time, we need a group to comfort each other, coz my ways are not working so we’ll😥. I hope y’all go through this so fast, recover, bounce back, experience better love and overall, be HAPPY. 😘😘😘

Talk soon.





You want my nudes, am gonna send you lots and lots of them. Do you want me in lace undies or all bare. I guess you’ll choose bare knowing you as I do now. Do you want me lying on the bed or standing upright?

Am gonna send you everything. Am going to lay down my whole soul to you. Honey at this point I don’t care, am gonna be so bare for you, so real, so naked.

Am gonna show you my arms, I will explain every tiny cut I have, you will have to know what, when, where or even who pushed me to every scar limit I have.

You will have to see deep in my soul, you will know how many times I’ve cried myself to bed and for what reasons, you will have to know all my pillow goes through at the weirdest times of the night when I can’t sleep.


source: pinterest

You say you want it all,am gonna give it all as you watch me do it, I might break down in the process but that’s fine, am strong enough to open up to you, so welcome to my world of nudes, see every angle you want, ask for all the positions, am gonna go step by step removing every bit of clothing covering my soul till my deepest darkest part.

So do I send nudes? Of course honey I do. But for how long will you want them?  How many do you want? For how long until you share them to everyone on social media leading me back to the start, leaving me worse than when you first asked for them?  Will you even trust me back to send me your nudes?  Will you let me in to see all of them plastered on your inner walls?  Will you believe its mine and not Photoshoped?

Are you sure you are ready for my nudes though?

The Boss (part 1)

Frankie couldn’t wait to reach at his house. They had agreed that morning that she would go there straight after finishing with her Sunday service. Following the location he sent her few minutes passed and she was at the gate.

“Am here. Where next?” She said into her mobile phone.

“I can see you. Come straight up I’ll be waiting by the door way. You’ll see me.” The voice answered.

Walking slowly through the stair wall she reached house 10D and he was at the door as he had said. They embraced for a few minutes neither of them wanting to let go.He had only a robe on and she could feel his manhood growing pushing against the robe.

“You smell so nice yet you are naked.”

“Ha ha, I have this on” he said gesturing to the robe. 

“Am sorry” she said curtly burrying her face into her hands. 

“Come on take a seat anywhere you want to” ushering her into the living room. 

“So how have you been its been a minute.”

“Great, I travelled a lot in this short vacation I had. You should give me more of that. ” 

“We’ll see about that.”

“Forgive my manners.What do you want to drink? I have water, milk and some soft drink.”

“Water will do just fine.” 

He disappeared into the next room and she presumed that to be the kitchen. She stared at the ceiling thinking if it can figure out what she’s thinking and expecting. Her parents brought her up well and if they even had a hint that she was seeing his boss who was not only his senior but also so many years apart from what they expected, they will be mortified, but she didn’t think of this much as most of what was on her mind was what she felt at the door, their previous conversations and what she wanted most, feeling him. First day at work with Nancy her coworker who was giving her a tour around the place, she warned her of seeing The boss claiming he is a womanizer and leaves after sighting a new younger female at work, not the best option. But this attracted her more, she liked challenges and proving herself. The next few weeks at work she spent most of it not balancing sheets but rather creating ways for the boss to notice her. She even camped at his corridor once what a sorcerer 🙂

Footsteps approaching drew her from her thoughts and she smiled at this man who has been the centre of her thoughts for a while now. “Here you go”

“Thanks” she said picking the glass of water. 

“What were you thinking about, you seemed really busy building something in your mind Miss. Toll” He liked calling people by their second name to remind them he still had all the powers.

“Work mostly’ she lied.

” C’mon relax a little bit. Its your free day, we’ll worry about that tomorrow. ”

“Okay sir” 

“Please, don’t call me that here, you seem so official.’

” am sorry” she said. 

“Can I get you something, a T-shirt or a robe too? Maybe that will loosen you up a bit. Or let me just check what I have.” 

He disappeared again.

Few minutes passed and he was back with a white cotton T-shirt.

“Go on Darling, be free.”

That name took her by a surprise. She didn’t expect this from him. Or was he just saying that to let her remove her clothes? She wondered. Either way it was working so well for her. She removed her tight White dress and set it by the couch’s hand. She then picked the T-shirt but saw him looking at her matching underwear and knew it meant she remove them but she ignored this and still went on to wear the T-shirt on top of them. She took a seat and looked at him. He seemed impressed seeing her body, after all, the curves were visible even with her clothes on but without she looked magical, his eyes seemed to say.

“Come sit next to me, am gonna be cold soon, you just made me remove my dress”

“With all pleasure my Darling.” There was that name a gain this time sounding so sincere. 

He sat next to her and drew her to his chest covering her legs with the extra robe.

“I hope that’s better.”

“This is perfect.” She replied. “I’ve wanted this for so long I must confess, from the day I first started working in your company.

“Why didn’t you say something. You should have.”

“I tried a few times in my head but failed when I saw you. Being away made it easier… 

Dating amongst millennials

We don’t know how to communicate

There isn’t much meaningful conversation amongst this generation considering most of the exchanged messages contain emoji and you gotta interpret it however best it will suit you and not necessarily the senders target especially in this age of over analyzing tiny details.

We hide behind keyboards

Take for instance a new couple, looking around you will notice they don’t time together but their online accounts show you the ‘relationship goals’ you’d wanna achieve someday. You will find the number of ‘I love yous in their online accounts exceed the number of times they have actually said it to the people they care about.

No spending time with each other

Yeah sure I know there are get together times like attending festivals which is once in like a year nevertheless during those moments a few percentage of the group would be doing any quality activity together as most of the group will be taking selfies to post for their virtual friends while others will be texting ‘friends’ they’d never meet.

We need honesty

As technology advances the more dishonest we get from lying about our locations, filtering our images to the most pleasing contrast, adding perfect backgrounds and lying to different people at ago.

Everyone is talking/f*ng /dating someone else

Not that am against dating more than a single person I actually think it’s good in a way (topic for another day) but at least let your partner know lest you risk harming yourself or others through diseases, suicides or even physical harms. In this generation, most of us are juggling conversations between partners, sending a single picture to all of them and working hard to keep the other relationship or however we tag it hidden that we end up not enjoying a single one of them

Replacements is one swipe/click/like/follow/add away.

Ever been told “I need space” only to find your ex-partner the next minute filling his/her account with the new catch? Yeah, that’s just how fast replacements is. Finding the next partner just involves turning on your phone and this increases the chances of cheating I mean different flavors are just a click away so why not?!

      Drake said:

We live in a generation of not being in love,

 And not being together

But we sure make it feel like we’re together

Because we are scared to see each other with somebody else


Do not follow your ‘potential lover’ online

You just met him/her in the streets, at the bar, at the park or any other place the Lord has set to be in your the-first-time-I-saw-you stories. You exchanged numbers and now you have been talking for a minute and you manage to find out their full names. Darling do not allow the devil to tempt you into looking up their name on social media, but let’s say you are do not follow them and I repeat just DON’T. This is why:

Instead of waiting for a call you will be waiting for a follow back on Instagram or worst a friend request on Facebook. This will suck your energy, all of it, your esteem will be played with as you will keep checking if your posts are date worthy or if your photos look good enough. Honey take it slow, you already exchanged numbers don’t freak each other out too soon.

Sometimes or most of the times after following them you won’t stop there, you end up stalking them till you find out who their high school biology teacher’s name was or worse you start doubting your ‘almost boyfriend’ by over analyzing their photos. Who is she? Why is he holding her like that? Is she his sister? That’s Malindi, I thought he said his sister lived in Nakuru? Before even going for the first date you are already doubting him and having all the wrong adjectives to describe him. If that’s not bad enough you go on the first date already knowing his best quotes, dream place to visit and his favorite meal I mean what will y’all even be talking about when you already know so much about each other?

Lastly you don’t wanna plan your future, give up evening classes or some part-time hobby to struggle being with someone based on how stable he/she looks via the digital powers. Photoshop and filters exist dear.


Learn to know people at their own time and pace and let them know you at yours too.


                                       “ I don’t wanna be your friend on Facebook

                              in case it doesn’t work out I never wanna see you again

                                               especially not on my timeline.”