Vote Wisely!

Koech Aldrin

poster-finalViolence is as a result of many issues. selection or rather election of leaders who do not lead in a manner expected by the citizens is one of them. Leaders who do not care for the public’s interests and rather concerned about themselves.

Over the past general elections in Kenya, violence have been a factor that have caused many citizens not to feel at home. During these elections, many flee away to seek refuge and security elsewhere yet there is the constitution that provides for everybody who is a Kenyan citizen to enjoy the stay anywhere in the country. Violence makes other people feel that there are those who own the country other than them.

This can only be changed if every Kenyan be it a man or a woman, youth or old, turns out in the 2017 general election and says NO to violence by voting wisely.



USA’s Ironical Elections

Koech Aldrin

United States of America on November decided on who to take the top most precious seat in the world to become the 45th President of the super-power; an election that was termed by most of the world’s leaders as ironical.

Earlier, polls had it that the Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton was far much ahead of her Republican Counterpart but Tuesday November 8th proved the polls wrong by the announcing of the estate mogul Donald J Trump as the 45th US president. This situation has brought unrest among the many Hillary’s supporters across America not forgetting the foreigners residing illegally in the US which the newly elected president Donald Trump strongly condemn.

US beneficiaries also are not an exception as over his campaigns, Trump strongly stood on the point of cutting off some aids across the world as a way of reviving and further improving the US’s economy.

Over his campaign period, Donald J Trump strongly stood as the People’s president and promised to rule in favor of all the Americans despite his commanding nature and looks strongly criticized by many. His promise to defeat ISIS over the campaign period was brought to record on November after his election as he strongly believed that he will beat his counterpart and protect the sovereignty of the United States.

His victory on the  November 8th posted a challenge to the rest of the world and passed a great irony to many leaders who were prepared to welcome Mrs 45th US President; Hillary Clinton.

Expectations after studies

Dennis K. Kazungu


It is every undergraduate’s expectation to get employed in the field they studied for once the graduate from the university.

Eric Mbaruk, a Diploma in Journalism student at Zetech University College talks to me about about his anticipations once he is done with his studies.

“I expect to get employed in the media industry just like any other graduate would do”. Many students are often optimistic about getting employment in the job market. This forces me to enquire from Mbaruk about how he views his probability of getting into the market soon after his graduation. “It won’t be easy but I believe i have the credentials to be put into considerations by media houses employers”.

He goes on to agree that the field has witnessed recent laying off of workers like the recent retrenchment of journalists by Royal Media Services. “There many challenges. We recently had journalists retrenched from Citizen”

Mbaruk completes the interview with me by telling saying that what he fears most i to be fired.”If there is something I fear most, it is to be fired”.

Campus connect

Dennis K. Kazungu kazz

Campus connect is a joint end of year entertainment event between the students of Multimedia University of Kenya and Catholic University of East Africa.

The two campuses geographically close to each other have decided to organise a joint bash that will see attendees closing the year in style. The common place of the event will be Park Place grounds. The event scheduled to happen on Friday 2nd December 2016 will be graced by performances from Kenyan hip hop act Octopizzo and hitmaker Timmy TDat. Radio Citizen’s Mzazi Willy M. Tuva will emcee the event. Advance tickets are going for Ksh. 300 each while at the gate a ticket goes for Ksh. 500.

The entertainment secretaries of the two institutions have come together to give ‘comrades’ an end of year ‘throw’ as they wind up their September-December semester.


Rose N Stegall

Mishkaki or Mishakiki a famous East African delicacy  is simply skewered meat. It is similar to grilled meat or barbecue in taste but different in appearance. They are small pieces of meat( in this case,beef) that are marinated and placed in skewers. It can be accompanied by main dishes, salads and sauces and can as well be enjoyed plain. One could include large chunks of diced vegetables after each piece of meat such as; sweet pepper, onions and tomatoes (with its core removed) to add on an appealing look.

This week I had the opportunity to interview a gentleman ,Collins Otieno a food vendor who shared with me his method of making his mishkaki and also treat myself with this delicacy. He simply starts by marinating  beef with simple marinade and later cuts it into small pieces before placing them on a skewer. He enjoys his business and would go to any extent to make his customers happy by including salad and sauces to serve with. His pricing is fair and affordable whereby one skewer with five pieces  equals Ksh25 (Twenty Five Kenyan Shillings) +free coleslaw salad.


Boot camp

You wanna live that great life, come join us as we show you ways to change your lifestyle. 10th/12 is the day to look forward to.

Hello everyone.

For the first time ever my fit friends and I are bringing you a boot camp close to you. Yes we want you too to join the fit club.

We will be going through some daily workout routines to quick routines for those days you can only spare a few minutes.


Its all about healthy living and fitness.

For a long time now its been all about talking about the healthy lifestyle we should all venture into but for the first time ever its gonna be practical , yes, come join me with a  few friends of mine as we share the different routines we all engage in, correct each other and even inspire others.

Get your workout gear ready, call out  that workout buddy of yours and come out as the 10th is the date to watch out for. This day will shape your life in a away you didn’t expect.

Come join us. Let’s  have fun, workout, take pictures and share few workout ideas.See you there. I can’t wait

Bring a friend.

Lopode Peris

About the charity event.

 Caroline G Muriuki.


Sure you’ve been in need.  So who did you call on when you needed that help? Your mother or father? A relative? Your best friend? Neighbour maybe? Lucky you had such people to call.
Imagine being sexually abused with no one to turn to.  No shoulder to cry on. Also being an orphan without family to ask help from in difficult situations or generally not having any family to turn to for just a heart to heart conversation. The value of family cannot be inscribed on a paper.  Now quit imagining. What do you think would happen to you? Would you cope with such a situation?
That’s why the Mary Faith Children’s home visit is not only charity visit. It’s spreading the love that one has for the kids. It’s a choice to offer that which you have in abundance. Lets avoid the notion that charity has everything to do with money .It’s important to sustain them but It might be a simple smile, a hug or just playing with such a child that will make a difference in that child’s life .So on 26th November 2016,we invite you to take the choice of offering what you have in abundance. Money, foodstuffs, clothes, talent and anything else that would put a smile on the face of this children.

 Caroline G Muriuki.