The way to graduation

Dennis K. Kazungu

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Being in the university is everyone’s dream. The four-year journey is filled up with a lot of stuff. Sometimes the monotonous academic routine is breaked by fun activities which gives the undergraduate an opportunity to refresh their mind. the lecture business is usually not so intense during the first academic year but keeps on increasing.

With different students in the campus, you will across all manners of sayings, behaviors and habits. In the pursuit of their respective degrees, students have coined a Swahili saying that ‘degree ni harambee’ loosely translated to a degree comes with cooperation. You will also learn and hear crazy slogans and translations of various famous abbreviations. Students especially those doing science courses will joke that the students doing Bachelor of Arts(BA) are doing Bachelor of Anything.

During the graduation day, everything goes on as planned unless the unexpected happen. It is not surprising to find a class that admitted 256 students having 112 only receiving their degrees. After graduation, the new graduands  normally are accompanied by their family and friends to have fun and celebrate their academic achievement in chosen places.


Multimedia university of kenya 3rd graduation ceremony.

Kubai Cyprian

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.it was held on 14th October

.everything in the ground was entertaining

.administration police band played different flutes

This was held on Friday, 14th 2016 at MMU graduation grounds main campus-Magadi road starting at 9:00 a.m. where the event was fully entertained by different entertainers.
Multimedia university choir entertained the ceremony followed by the Administration Police Band.
The police band made sure that everybody in the ceremony was fully entertained where they used musical instruments to play different songs. They used trumpet, drums, saxophone among other music instruments which had sweet flutes to the ears of everyone who was in the event. Some of the songs that they played with this instrument were: kwetu pazuri and other gospel music with sweet melodies and messages to encourage the graduates and motivate them as well.

Everything in the graduation ground was much entertaining where by after every congratulations gratitude from all the guest speakers; music was herd played by the instrumental controllers or rather the DJ as they may be called.

Graduation culture craze.

Caroline G Muriuki.

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Friday 14th ,joy,smiles and even tears marked this day.For many it was  a once in a lifetime experience.It also dawned on many that being in campus was not just a formality but a privilege.

Graduation has become  a culture.A way of living experienced by most people in this generation.Family &friends tag along to mark this milestone in your academic life in pomp and colour, but the crazy of it all is the job market .

I’ve heard students say ‘am studying but theres  no job  opportunity for me’ . I totally  disagree .  The bible states ‘out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh’ so when you believe  that there isn’t a job  for you ,not even a change in the order of nature can change your destiny.Your perception drives you to birth new ideas that fill an  niche in the job market.Its pointless to keep doing the same thing and expecting different results.So try a different approach  and you’ll have a different testimony .

Given the power to read and do all that pertains to your degree,dare to be different after all it doesn’t hurt.Graduation is a milestone that only means you have a longer journey ahead so don’t cut it short before getting to the destination.