Do not follow your ‘potential lover’ online

You just met him/her in the streets, at the bar, at the park or any other place the Lord has set to be in your the-first-time-I-saw-you stories. You exchanged numbers and now you have been talking for a minute and you manage to find out their full names. Darling do not allow the devil to tempt you into looking up their name on social media, but let’s say you are do not follow them and I repeat just DON’T. This is why:

Instead of waiting for a call you will be waiting for a follow back on Instagram or worst a friend request on Facebook. This will suck your energy, all of it, your esteem will be played with as you will keep checking if your posts are date worthy or if your photos look good enough. Honey take it slow, you already exchanged numbers don’t freak each other out too soon.

Sometimes or most of the times after following them you won’t stop there, you end up stalking them till you find out who their high school biology teacher’s name was or worse you start doubting your ‘almost boyfriend’ by over analyzing their photos. Who is she? Why is he holding her like that? Is she his sister? That’s Malindi, I thought he said his sister lived in Nakuru? Before even going for the first date you are already doubting him and having all the wrong adjectives to describe him. If that’s not bad enough you go on the first date already knowing his best quotes, dream place to visit and his favorite meal I mean what will y’all even be talking about when you already know so much about each other?

Lastly you don’t wanna plan your future, give up evening classes or some part-time hobby to struggle being with someone based on how stable he/she looks via the digital powers. Photoshop and filters exist dear.


Learn to know people at their own time and pace and let them know you at yours too.


                                       “ I don’t wanna be your friend on Facebook

                              in case it doesn’t work out I never wanna see you again

                                               especially not on my timeline.”








Social media,good or bad??

Caroline Gathoni Muriuki.


Caroline Gathoni Muriuki.

Facebook,twitter,Instagram,snap chat,telegram,pin crest all those are just a tip of the iceberg of social media.Social media has grown to greater levels .I remember having my first Facebook account in class 8 courtesy of my  father.It was a new experience.Later on having a Facebook account was not enough i had to open more,twitter,Instagram and whats app messenger.My social life took a different turn suddenly i could reach out to everyone and so would other people to me.Everyone nowadays has a certain social network.Social media has a way of invading ones life and  becoming part of it.Question is how have you decided to use it.Positively or negatively.To loose or  gain.

Social medial has  the power to earn one a living, advertising is not limited if i want to sell something all i need is a picture and internet access and the market will   get to see it.Interestingly is the sale of talent is also done on social media.You tube has chances for any material whatsoever talk music,acting,live shows,and any other form of talent that can be sold.Lets not’ sit’ on our talents.Very vital is the simple meaning of what you post online.Does it inspire whoever reads it,most times people do not think about the weight a comment posses.The word of mouth has the power to create or destroy.

Next time you log on to a social media platform,don’t think about posting something that does not have a positive effect,take a second chance and make a better choice.Make the best out of good.